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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jack, Kees and the annoying Orange

Once upon a time there were two kids named Kees and Jack.One day Jack was watching the annoying orange on youtube thats what gave Jack his plan to annoy his brother Kees.The very next day Jack started his little plan as acting like the annoying orange just to irritate his brother and he was doing a pretty good gob at it because he was driving his brother batty.Now Kees was so mad at his brother he wanted to get Jack back for it.Kees said to Jack if you keep acting like that you will turn into the annoying orange but Jack thought he was to smart for his older brother and said he was just jelis that he was so good at it and he wasn't.Well Kees said when you turn into that stupid orange don't come crying to me for advise because I'll turn around and just  la f and say your on your own.But Jack just lafted and ignored his only warning and walked off but the very next day Jack started to knowtic that his voice was changing and he was turning a bit orange and he was shrinking HHHEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screamed Jack but Kees just yelled back I'm not helping but Jack was shrinking fast real fast and there was nothing he could do to stop it.I'm dead he thought but at that very second Kees walked in to the kitchen to make popcorn PLEASE HELP ME cried Jack I was stupid to think i'm smarter than you so please help me.Let me think about it ahhhhhhhh no and do you know why......... because why would I help a stupid orange PLEASE!!!!!! said Jack fine said Kees YIPE yelled Jack now all you have to do is be a good boy for the rest of the year and keep your tong on your neck for a year as well.ok said Jack thank u so much.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today I had to do a post on an I-PAD APP review so I decided to do it on BLOGGER+.This is really cool  so listen on an I-PAD on safari,I chromy and I swifter it won't work properly so some one made up BLOGGER+ in the app store for I-PAD and I-POD so now you can up date your blog and face book like your on a bran span ken new I MAC.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

reflective learning post

This week room 8 got there learning plans and we got a subject that we like doing and it was a comic life post of some thing that we have done at school so Logan and I got in a peer and decided that we wanted to do our Myross bush snow trip and this is what it looks like.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


On friday a cow boy rode into town on a horse and stayed in town for three days and left on friday how did he do it.Send a comment with your answer on it.


Lately I have been learning about art for this tearms inquiry. Wilson and I are partners for it and Wilson the class and I have learnt how to properly carve soap with the edge of the blade and it has been really fun

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Dear Mr Love Lock.

I strongly belive that the water foutains at school should have vinilla coke.

My first reason is that kids will want to come to school and will have energy to learn at the end of the day and not have a brain break.

My second reason is kids will come to our school and we would get more money from fundrasers and the school would be able to get more tech and we would have a better chance to win moffet cup.

My third reason is the kids will have more energy at morning tea and lunch and we will have a lot of sports teams.

My last reason is we would have most of the cups out of the primery school in Invercargel.


Pet day is a day of fun for kids at Myross bush school and is also a fundraiser for year six camp and other cool things around Myross bush school and is also a small holiday for kids and teachers. It is also a cool way to meet new animals and try out are skills that we lernt for last terms inquiry.